Our Customers

""OPGAL wishes to thank RF IMMUNITY for its unique contribution to the EMI in accordance with the MIL-STD 461F for the compliance process of Opgal's air and land military systems. The professional techical assistance of the company and preparation of the filtered contactors, including fully backing up all the tests, saved costs of repeated testing, design changes , and most importantly the time schedule and timely delivery of the projects."
Rinat Raichman
Technical Manager , OPGAL Defense Systems Division
"We have worked with RF-Immunity on a few projects and it was pleasure to work with them as a company and with their engineers as individuals. RF-Immunity guys are true proffesionals, very customers orientedm know how to handle with unexpected changes during the project and they deliver top quality products in time. I am sure we will continue to work with them in our next projects."
Major Tamir Hachohen
Israel Ground Forces, IDF
"By close working with RF Immunity during the past few years, I can say that RF Immunity team always response fast and effectively by design EMI / RFI solutions in the most professional ways. Sometimes we have a tight schedule with projects and RF Immunity's engineering team is accompanied our needs and produce prototype units fast with all the products documentation. With their open communication and service ordinated approached, RF Immunity is a very good partner of us".
Vidi Bar Natan
EMC team leader – ELBIT ISRAEL
"Dear RF Immunity Team, We have concluded a challenged and complex product's order that was not possible without the expertise of RF Immunity We have experienced a strong and dedicated team that drove the strong deliveries with best quality and on time. A true partner that assisted us to succeed and win our customer satisfaction. We wish to express our deep appreciation to the entire RF Immunity team".
Roy Ziv
Vice President Horizon Electronics Ltd.
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