Accessibility statement

We at ( the name of the website) made it our priority to make the website accessible to people with disabilities and to enable continuous, clear and smooth browsing between the parts of the site for the general population and especially for the disabled.

 Accordingly, we did not spare any efforts in making  the site accessible for the wide use of people with disabilities.

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Decrease Text
High Contrast
Negative Contrast
Light Background
Links Underline
Readable Font
We are continually improving and updating the accessible components of the site in order to allow the general population and especially the disabled to enjoy the site’s information.


Despite our efforts to make the site accessible in the best possible way, if you still encounter accessibility barriers that prevent you from conveniently browsing the site, please contact us directly and we will accompany you personally while browsing the site or explain the information that you were unable to read or understand.

Haim Kalfon
Managing Director

Tel- +972-73-2331333

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