Avionic Military Applications

Avionic POD application

Protection + Filter boards to be mounted on customer mechanical device

HUD (Head Up Display) application

99 contacts Filtered + Transient Protection connector including TWINAX filter contact


For EMC LAB purpose

Set of variety of Filtered Adapter of D38999

Missile application communication system

Power line module


Helicopter Data Recorder

Helicopter Data Recorder

Filtered Plug C filter, 128 contacts CRIMP termination


Hud Systems

HUD (Head Up Display) Systems

DPX Rack & Panel connector 163 contacts, variety filter characteristics & DC/AC lines


Airborn POD Systems

Airborn POD Systems

Filter Unit PI Filter + Common Mode Choke and special terminal connection


Missile Fuse

Missile Fuse

Filtered Connector 13P double PI filter, solder cup, Special wall Mount


Laser systems

Laser systems

Filtered connector 100P, PI Filter + Transient protection, Special B/S according customer’s request


Power Line AC & DC filter connector

Power Line AC & DC filter connector with special terminal and mechanical pattern

Filtered Connector, Power line, 6P special terminal connection


Observation & Surveillance Pods

Observation & Surveillance Pods

Filtered connector 128P, 28V / 704A SC termination


Observation & Surveillance Pods

Head-Up-Displays (HUD)

Filtered connector 101P, Filter + Lightning protection SC termination


Helicopter Classified Application

Helicopter Classified Application

MIL-STD-704E Protected D38999/III Plugs 4 & 11 contacts




Filter Plug Connector 79 Pin cont. per MIL-C-38999/III


Communication radio systems

Filtered Connector 8P for Audio system, Crimp termination  


set of Filtered

Set of Filtered + Mounting ears  Transient protection  for civil aircraft laser system  


POD System

Filter& Power Distribution unit for 115Vac / 28Vdc + Comply MIL-STD-704A

Filter& Power Distribution unit Brochure 

 ommunication radio systems

Payload Avionic system

Customer connector set  with MMCX /video contacts Power and Data contacts


 Custumer connector set Brochure

Payload Avionic System

Filter & Protection board – meets the 461+1275D+704A&E

Filter & Protection Board Brochure 

Testing Field cases – UAV application

Pair of cases for UAV motors and the sub systems

 Photo #1

 Photo #2

Filtered&Regulated Power line Filter


UAV communication System

Filtered Micro-D-sub 31 contacts connector with special wiring R/A back shell


HUD (Head Up Display) application

ARINC 600 Filtered including 2*QUADRAX contacts, Hermetically sealed


Avionic Fan system of Power Supply application

Protection Unit for MIL-STD-704


Avionic power system

Filter & Transient for DC lines and 3phase AC 400Hz lines against surges and spikes as per MIL-STD-704D with Lightning Protection per RTCA-D0-160E section 22 WF3&5a level 3


Avionic control unit for acceleration system of aircraft

150 contacts custom connector ARINC type with several filter types


Ground Military Applications

Pilot Simulator application

Special Adapter contains 3 types of Military connectors


Communication system

Communication system

Fast Ethernet lines –D38999 with QUADRAX & TWINAX filtered contacts


Radar application

MICRO D-SUB with special mechanical modification to incorporate TVS protection.

Communication system

Communication system

Convert a commercial MDR 3M connector to a military grade hermetically sealed connector


Communication Systems application

Ethernet line 100/1000 G/base T D38999 Filtered connector – 13 Contacts regular 22 AWG


Rugged Military Computers

Feed Through , Hermetically sealed, PI


Tactical Communication Radio Systems

Filtered Connector 6P, Audio, PI Filter PCB termination


MBT Communication Systems

Filtered connector 22P, PI Filter PCB termination


Miniature D38999 35 contacts

M805 Filter Connector & cable Harness


Observation and Monitoring Missile Control System

Filter Array 22 contacts glass sealing with C filter topology


PDSU for Electrical Consumers in the Field

Compass System

MDM (Micro D-SUB Miniature) connector set, 15/25/37 contacts, c filtered


Power protector MIL-STD1275 20

Power protector MIL-STD1275 20A for electrical consumer at the field


Slip Rings System For Tank Turret

Feed Through PI Filter 120A/160V


Communication System

Pogo Pin 7 contacts Miniature connector


Military communication system2

Military communication system

LEMO-19 Contacts Connector with HI filter topology, SC termination


Field Test Equipment case



Compass System

Micro D-sub Miniature 51 contact Hermetically sealed


MDM Adapater for Elctronic box application

Micro D-sub 25 pin Filtered Adapter


RADAR Application

Voltage Regulator D-sub Military Connector


Marine systems

Naval Radar System

Customized Hermetically Sealed  D-sub, 50 contacts, Receptacle, Female


Power systems

Filter Connector 115-220Vac/50-60Hz, 1ph, PWR LINE FILTER


Fast Ethernet communication systems

Filtered Connector based on D38999/ ser3 — RJ 45 for 100/1000Mb /sec


Fast Ethernet communication systems

Filtered Connector based on D38999/ser3 — RJ 45 for 10/100 Mb/sec


Industrial & Comm. Applications

Security System

Security System

D38999 connector , 6 contacts 22AWG for secure USB 2.0 protocol  


D-sub COMBO 8W8 c Filter, SC termination

D-sub COMBO 8W8 c Filter, SC termination

Filtered Connector  D-sub 9 RA C-Filter


Carrier Ethernet Base Station

Filtered Connector  D-sub 15 RA C-Filter


Medical Applications

Remote Patient Monitoring Device

 D-sub 9 Contacts F Filter R/A Termination


Wireless Medical Systems

Filtered Connector  D-sub 9 Pi-Filter Solder cup  

Ultrasound Therapeutic Application

Filtered Connector  D-sub 37 RA , High Performance Filter


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